Ellen Gurney – Senior Entertainment Executive: Creative Affairs Director, Producer, Project Manager

Ellen Gurney has more than 10 years of experience as a Creative Executive inthe family entertainment industry for the Walt Disney Company. She is experi-enced in unifying and motivating teams to produce innovative results in film,script, product, pitching, and promotion. She is a skillful negotiator and assimila-tor who brings together varied views and interests and weaves them into cohe-sive implementation plans. Her straightforward, diplomatic, clear communicatorstyle has enabled her to bringing out the best in every person and situation toachieve corporate objectives. Ellen has successfully developed and managedcreative slates in long and short form entertainment. She possesses the opera-tional skills needed to manage budgets and schedules and the interpersonalskills required to mentor and inspire staff to excel.

Mike Cooper – Business Development – Turnaround Expert

Mike Cooper is a Senior Executive with more than 15 years of experience improving sales, profit, and customer retention for mid-sized Business to Business companies and Fortune 500 level service industries. He is adept at creating a compelling vision, communicating to team members, getting buy-in from key stakeholders, mentoring, and motivating teams to peak performance. Mike leads by example and inspires others to achieve exceptional results with his strong work ethic, straightforward communication style and enthusiasm. He excels in turnaround situations, reorganizations, and acquisitions. Mike is a results-oriented, visionary and pragmatic leader, who is proficient in goal setting, benchmarking, measuring, and implementing successful growth strategies.

Discussion with Mike Berman – Outside Ventures

Mike Berman is a Senior Operations and Business Development Executive who takes a holistic approach to resolving corporate problems by establishing integrated solutions to stimulate significant sustained results. Mike is a visionary executive with more than 20 years of experience in creating and implementing winning strategies to launch start-ups and transform troubled and underperforming organizations. He is skilled in leading individuals, teams, and companies to optimize operations, rebuild a tarnished brand image, and weather downturns. Mike is an accomplished sales and marketing expert who leads organizations to compete globally, grow revenues, increase shareholder value, achieve corporate objectives, and reach higher performance levels.

You have to be able to tell a good story

The ECMG (business talent representation with personal publicity production/management) side of my business focuses on executives who are in opportunity search mode (passive or agressive).  I still find it fascinating when I meet an executive who has been having a hard time finding a job, but who still thinks that his resume is going to open doors (like it used to maybe 10 years ago?).  I know about the old saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  However in this case, if  “it is not doing what it used to do (i.e. if the old way is broken), you better fix it.”  What I am trying to say here is that simply floating around (even a really good) resume in this market without a strong pitch, promotion, or even a third party rep/ pitch person to go along with it won’t do much (unless of course you have a super strong and extended network and the time and DESIRE to be your own pitch person and promoter) .  This is especially true for those individuals who have a unique and highly successful career path. You have to really push the envelope these days and get out there and TELL your story. Whether you do that via a personal publicist (who will do all the story telling and pitching for you), a blog and/or a personal website (with really strong SEO) or through on-line social networking and media, the more channels you can put you message out through the better.  Posting a resume or floating it around (marketing it) will not create personal publicity – your STORY will.  A resume is an outline of your career and while it can outline your success (quickly), in today’s COMPETITIVE  MARKET need to tell your story AND BE ON THE LEADING EDGE  to be able to get the traction that is needed now and in the future (for opportunity growth).

Discussion with John Hudson – Senior Human Resources Executive Leader and Expert

John Hudson is a business-focused strategic and tactical Senior Human Resources Executive with more than 20 years of experience in diverse industries including petroleum, pharmaceuticals, semi-conductors, and gaming. He is exceptionally skilled at aligning global human resource functions with business goals, mission, and vision. John is adept at creating and using a variety of metrics to assess performance and build continuously improving collaborative teams. He is an energetic advocate for operational, financial, quality control, and safety initiatives that enhance employee performance, retain top talent, and achieve business profitability. John achieves success by establishing a strong functional HR department that serves as an active partner with the CEO and management team to assimilate, restructure, develop, and expand the organization, as circumstances require.

Discussion with Eduardo Rodriguez, Compliance & Regulation Senior Executive Management Leader

Eduardo Rodriguez is an Executive Leader experienced in administrative compliance, regulation, mergers & acquisitions, public policy, business operations, planning, and implementation strategies in Fortune 500 and privately held organizations. A business-focused executive with a Juris Doctor Degree (JD Law), he was a key lead officer involved in effectively restructuring a major electric utility through Chapter 11 and restoring it to a strong accountability and financial position. Eddie is prepared to fill an Executive Management, Oversight Function, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary or Executive Director position for a regulated business, State or Federal entity, advocacy group, energy or natural resource organization, start-up company, or a company reorganizing and needing leadership for structural or compliant-based systems for process improvement or better risk management.

Discussion with Mark Dabe – Global Senior Sales and Operations Executive

Mark Dabe is a Senior Sales and Operations Executive with more than 10 years of global experience focusing on technology industries. He is adept at managing sales teams, building relationships, handling high-level sales negotiations, growing a business, and achieving exceptional levels above sales quotas. He is a results-focused executive who leads by example with strengths in strategic business development, P&L, and improving product portfolios. Mark builds long-term customer relationships and is a strong advocate for treating associates and customers fairly. He generates exceptional sales by aligning business objectives to better serve the company and its customers.

Karen Joyce – Broadcast/Advertising Professional

Karen Joyce is a long-time broadasting/advertising professional who is stepping back into her career after taking some time off to be more involved with her children and their school where she currently resides –in the Philadelphia Area and before that when she owned her own successful Sylvan Learning Center in New York. Karen Joyce is a talent (and a “gem”) to be rediscovered within the broacasting and/or advertising aren.

Discussion with Tom Prater – Senior Managing Executive

Thomas Prater has more than 20 years of executive experience leading Fortune 100 organizations to high performance and operational excellence in challenging global markets. Tom has a passion for creating and executing growth strategies that deliver outstanding results. He has a reputation as a turnaround specialist with an amazing ability to recognize talent, motivate workers, overcome limitations, innovative successful outcomes, meet every deadline and objective, and increase corporate value. He inspires, recognizes, and rewards strong performance and encourages workers to try different approaches and continuously improve. He personally holds a Green Belt status in Six Sigma and has worked for GE and The Boeing Company on mission critical projects driven by the belief avowed by NASA flight director, Gene Kranz, who said: “Failure is not an option.”

A Discussion with Cynthia Fodell Mott – Leading Marketing and Communications Executive

Cynthia Fodell Mott is a dynamic marketing and communications executive with 20+ years of experience leading teams in multi-channel marketing and media initiatives in Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer areas. She developed and maintained mutually beneficial corporate relationships in financial services, real estate, mortgage banking, and healthcare & employee benefits. Cynthia is a charismatic, motivating, and straightforward leader with strong professional ethics and a results-oriented performance-based focus.

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