Joshua Slavitt: Developing a corporate stakeholder engagement program.

As a Certified Business Coach with ActionCOACH of Connecticut, Josh Slavitt currently coaches small business owners in developing skills related to finance, marketing, sales, planning so they can increase profits and make their businesses more successful. Prior to joining ActionCOACH, Josh designed and executed communications and outreach programs for a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, mass merchandising, distilled spirits, finance, casual dining and automobiles.

Josh has 25 years of experience in the field of public affairs and issues management. He served in various positions with Altria Group Inc. / Philip Morris where he dealt with internal, external, and governmental issues and developed strategic long-range proactive (and reactive) approaches to build consensus, engage stake-holders, broker agreements, and advance corporate positioning and reputation.

He managed sensitive engagement programs and national campaigns, implemented comprehensive corporate social responsibility initiatives, led cross-functional task forces, directed change and crisis management communications, and promoted public policy and outreach efforts to improve stakeholder relationships.

Leadership Naturally

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Josh Slavitt: The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Today

Josh Slavitt is a senior Public Affairs Leader who specializes in Stakeholder Mapping, Relationship Development, Issues Management and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Working for various companies in this capacity including the Philip Morris Companies for some 25 years Mr. Slavitt offers experience dealing with internal, external, and governmental issues having developing strategic long-range proactive (and reactive) approaches that build consensus, engage stakeholders and broker agreements as well as advance corporate positioning and reputation.

How to Gain Massive Visibility on the Internet to Build Your Business

Laurie Pehar Borsh talks with Internet Entrepreneur Kathleen Gage who recently launched “The Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club Membership Program” ( . The very affordable 52 week program is based on the very things Kathleen has used to build her own business as well as many of her own clients’ businesses and teaches members how to build a sustainable six figure online business. Get ready for an interesting and inspiring 30 minutes!

Personal PR, Branding, and running a Campaign for Job Search…more important than ever before…

Okay so it’s not like running for the job of President or even Mayor, but let’s face it job search now requires creative professional personal branding, better online messaging, targeted spin, direct pitch marketing and much more.  Producing a full-fledged campaign is a not something one should take lightly– it’s now a MUST if you hope to land the right opportunity.  Of course there are never any guarantees of the exact timeline either, but the game has changed (get out of the 1990’s people!) .  Like it or not, today’s competitive business environment now requires professionals to develop and keep up a complete personal brand package and a visible digital persona as well as a robust online network and following.

You’ve probably seen all the media interviews with personal branding and social media experts as of late. Everyone’s talking about (online) personal professional branding and publicity and why it is so important to have in place due to the explosion of online networking, social media and internet search.  Not to toot my horn, but I’ve said this for YEARS!  The difference with me though is that I DO  THE WORK, while these experts give plenty of direction and advice about “how to” go about creating a personal brand and promotion program.  I am sure you can agree that most busy professionals do not have the time, desire or ability to even think about developing this on their own, let alone be able to manage it all on a somewhat consistent basis. 

Gone are the days of “being found” via a job board ad or resume post. YOU HAVE TO CAMPAIGN! If you don’t have the resources to launch a campaign, you at least have to have good online branding and messaging and key words up and consistent. Then once you’ve landed your dream job, don’t think that your brand and promotional package is something that gets tucked away in a corner. It’s very important to manage and maintain an online personal brand and promotion program to align with your company brand (so many organizations are requiring this now too) as well as to develop more business/contacts that can enhance your business and corporate positioning.

As more and more executive search professionals continue to recruit via a cloud recruiting platform (internet search/key word search), staying on top of your personal brand, messaging and campaign effort will only help you remain visible to future (job) opportunity. Hopefully our economy will get back to normal in the next few years and we’ll all be ready as companies being to hunt down talent again on a regular basis (sigh).

All that said, putting a promoter in your corner who is capable of producing and managing your personal brand and self promotion campaign is not so much luxury these days, as it is a necessity.  Yes,  Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Oprah even the President make the whole personal publicity and branding thing seem easy (well maybe for some–I think most of you GET IT), but COME ON do you really think that they stay up late at night PRODUCING and IMPLEMENTING their own personal publicity campaigns?

Robert Kruk, a Global Technology Operations Senior Executive

Discussion with Robert (Rob) Kruk, a Global Technology Operations Senior Executive, offers more than 20 years of global business and information technology operations experience. Throughout his career at IBM and prior to that Ernst & Young, he built a successful record of aligning IT organizations with specific processes and goals that reduced costs, improved functionality, and optimized operations. You can read more about his experience and record of successful implementation at:

My goal is to help organizations uncover and discover exceptional and sustainable talent, like Rob Kruk who offers a proven track record of success. I work for only those executives and professionals who I believe will only add value to an organization for bottom line growth—a MUST HAVE within today’s unique business climate. I’m sure you can agree that with so many organizations now looking to swiftly engineer significant results now is the time to take a new approach to finding the right leadership talent.

Rob Kruk offers that exact kind of leadership talent… a MUST have guy for any organization who is looking for the right CIO, CTO, OUTSOURCE/OFFSHORE VENDOR MANAGEMET VP or other tecnological operational leader.

The Great Executive Makeover Contest Is In Action Now!

In an effort to help and support deserving out-of-work professionals make the right impression and create the right “buzz” to finally get in front of the right people and find a new opportunity,, and Laurie Pehar Borsh/ECMG – Personal PR Productions announce the launch of THE $10,000 GREAT EXECUTIVE MAKEOVER CONTEST. The contest has been developed to support a well deserving executive or professional, 50 and older, who has been laid off due to corporate downsizing or closure. The goal is to help and support an exceptional, yet down on luck senior professional land a job using contemporary personal publicity/marketing strategies and social media and online networking practices along with traditional methods.

In order to participate, interested parties must register with or already be a member of (there is no charge to join) then complete a member profile and submit their story on by October 15th, 2009. Contestants are asked to write about why (video tapes are also going to be accepted on RezBuzz—a video resume network) as to why he/she needs a professional brand makeover and promotional program for a job search effort.

The winner with the most compelling story will be announced October 30th 2009.

As more and more corporate recruiters and search professionals continue to add value to their sourcing and recruiting efforts by building their core competencies and organizational capabilities around online sourcing and research, it is now very important to produce and deliver responsible, professional quality personal professional branding and publicity.

Senior executive and professionals who are serious and committed to finding the right opportunity must now differentiate themselves and provide an intensive personal brand that can and will last through the course of one’s career.

PERSONAL PR FOR NON-EMPLOYMENT SEEKERS: Now is NOT the time to “hunker down” and be invisible!

As any of you may or may not know, I am constantly pounding the pavement to educate professionals (all levels) on the importance of having PERSONAL PR/Web 2.0 and Personal Branding  in place now and for the entire span of one’s career!  Putting good Personal PR into place is not just for people who need to look for work, business or press. If you have not noticed, the way in which the world of business rolls these days is very different.  Just because you are WORKING does not warrant the fact that you can go underground.

I just got a wonderful note from the Editor of Execunet (this goes to a  great number of people of course) — it sets the stage and tone of my message perfectly. The issue here again, is having the time to be able to stage one’s own personal promotion when one is buried, or deeply focused, etc.  A personal publicist/promoter/producer can help create the stage and keep it in lights!

September 21, 2009

Dear Laurie:

We’re always cautioning executives not to “hunker down” at work. They also shouldn’t bend, cower, hide, kneel or crouch. But the current economic environment may make employees feel like throwing on a cloak of invisibility to avoid being noticed, believing they will escape the lay-off list.

Yet, during periods of job growth and prosperity, career planning and maintenance are often overlooked because of the perceived abundance of opportunities available.

Those who are fearful keep their head low to miss the ax; those who are busy at work have their head down in deep focus. But denial and complacency share a characteristic: inaction, which can derail a career for those who are unprepared.

Despite the recent economic instability, fewer corporate leaders feel prepared for job search than they did in years prior. According to ExecuNet’s 2009 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report, just 43 percent of executives claimed they are ready to look for a job, compared to 56 percent in 2008 and 69 percent in 2007; another 24 percent reported this year they were unsure if they are ready to look for a new position.

It could be that “prepared” seems less defined against a recessionary backdrop, and fewer executives feel confident about how to launch a job search campaign in this market. But many of the old rules still prevail, albeit with some amplification and 21st century tools:

  • Focus, define and envision what your next role looks like.
  • Create messages that communicate the problems you solve to your target audience.
  • Identify the online and offline opportunities where you can best help others.
  • Become known for your expertise so others can refer and recommend you.

Robyn Greenspan
295 Westport Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851












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