Dr. Carol McCall

Dr. McCall is best known for her unique style of “laser” communication, free from character judgment, in which individuals turn their desires quickly into commitment and action. She has been called “natural, cutting edge, willing, caring and capable” by some of the most respected leaders in their field. She has reached more than two million individuals through her workshops, corporate clients, and performance coaching practice. A Master Certified Coach, Dr McCall holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology, an M.A. in Community Schools, and a B.A. in Education. She is also author of the 1996 book, Listen! There’s a World Waiting to be Heard–which is still available through Amazon/Boarders (it will be going into a second print run within the months ahead). Dr. McCall is the creator of dynamic personal development interactive workshops and webinars including: So You Think You’re A Good Listener, Design Your Life Workshop, The Possibility of Woman Workshop, The Listening Course, and The Life Development Coach in Communication Program.

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